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Closed Parking in the UK

Parking in the UK, especially for tourists or those visiting a given city, can be tricky and not always an easy feat. One of the more popular methods of parking is closed parking garages. Many enjoy the security of these car parks and also find them more convenient.

Payment Methods

For these you can pay using a number of methods with technology now permitting us to pay with cards and in some cases even our phones. You collect a ticket when you enter the car park, or sometimes after you park and you will then have to pay before you leave and the price depends on how long you have been parked.
Pay and display involve prepaying for your parking where you decide on a time and pay to be there for that long. These are often owned by municipal or government agencies.


The prices of parking in closed car parks vary from city to city but UK has been criticized for having higher than average prices when it comes to parking.


It is important to make note of the level (If it is multilevel) and the section that you are parked in and be sure to pay and follow the rules because both private and public lots can and do issue tickets to those who have parked illegitimately and illegally.
Some private car parks are higher end and have valet services as well as car washing and other services if desired. Some even offer detailing and service options for those who park in these.

Alternatives to parking

If you don't fancy looking for parking, it might be worth considering public transport for your commute. Not only will you be able to relax during your journey, but you can also pass the time doing a number of activities; reading, chatting, or even playing online slots at the best uk casinos!